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Still enjoying my passion ......

 Life moves very quickly these days and I'm fortunate that mine is full of continuing with my passion, and enjoying the company of wonderful friends and spending time with my amazing family. I enjoy the company of my students who come to my studio to learn Hanji. They are my sounding board for a lot of my projects and as I often feel very isolated doing this traditional Korean craft here in Australia with no peers in which to bounce ideas off of, I appreciate their shared excitement in making items using Hanji techniques. Some of the students have been coming for over 3 years now and they're still finding different projects they'd like to make as well as spending time making unique gifts for family and friends. In between classes I manage to make Hanji pieces to place in our local art gallery as well as  creating unique pieces of my own.  Here's a pieces I've just completed and which can be found in many shops as you walk through the Insadong district in Seoul so th
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It's been a while but I just have to share this ...... Bali paper making

Whilst on a holiday in Bali last week I began to wonder if anyone there did paper making.   After a lot of research I came up with only one place, Saraswati Papers.   It was started by an Australian, Kali Sali back in 1995 when she realized how much Bali was struggling with an ever growing pollution problem caused by a growing and modernizing society.   Her goal is to reduce the amount of waste so her company collects and recycles papers from hotels, schools, businesses and homes.   As they don't use any bleaches or chemicals to whiten the finished papers the collected papers are then  cut so as to keep all the plain white pieces that haven't been printed on to use on their own and those with black and coloured printing are put together for a different type of paper. The papers are boiled overnight in a large pot.  I loved the Hindu blessing on the side of the stove. Before being put into a  Hollander ) a large

Hanji Classes

Beginner Hanji Classes  When:                   May 2nd - June 6th                             10.30 am - 12.30pm Where:                 Station master's Art Gallery ' Red Hen' workshop                            20 South Terrace,                             Strathalbyn, South Australia Phone:               +61(08) 8536 4263 Level:                   Beginner -  Anyone can do it !! Why?                   This is an opportunity to learn a traditional Korean Craft in a fun and                                 interesting English environment and to take home some beautiful and                               practical pieces  that you've created. 

Paper Art - IAPMA COngress 2018 ...

'Paper art is a modern art bred by traditions and crafts related to paper and, as the newest area in contemporary art, it blends traditions and innovations, experiments and high achievements. It challenges world authors to create a new language of expression and new technologies that enrich contemporary art.' Sofia Paper Art Fest Several years ago during one of my many visits to Korea I was asked if I was a member of IAPMA.I had no idea what they were talking about and as such, I almost brushed it aside until one day I decided to do some research to find  out more about this paper association.  IAPMA stands for the International Association of Hand Paper Makers and Paper Artists and when checking out the website  I was intrigued by the  work that was done  by it's members. In a nutshell this association is an International Community of paper artists who share a common love of making and working with paper. Two years ago now, not long after joining I

The 'Twists and turns' of creating .....

As much as we like to think we know what the future is going to hold for us and the creative directions we wish to take, it doesn't always turn out the way we'd like it too. Part of being creative is being open to taking new directions and being inspired by some unexpected things.   Having moved into our little 1860s cottage 8 months ago now we've been  busy doing renovations to it and it has, for the majority of the time, been all absorbing and putting my Hanji work on hold.  The renovations are coming on nicely with many rooms now having been painted, woodwork restored, fireplaces repaired and a new kitchen installed. I have a lovely "Barn' where I can keep my Hanji  pieces, desk and a small work space but it's considerably smaller  than I've had in the past and  not big enough for having classes.   My plan is for a much bigger Hanji studio to be built in a double garage at the end of our yard  latter this year and this will then accommodate a

I'm back ......

I'm back .......... Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 to you all.  I've taken a longer than expected break from doing Hanji and spent 2017 involved in family and household commitments but am now raring to get back into being creative once again and am committed to updating my blog more regularly this year. Last year  my main Hanji event was an exhibition called 'Dissolve' in Sydney at the Korean Cultural Centre where I was asked to take part in an exhibition along with 4 other Australian artists who have been influencd by Korean Culture.  (I'll write more about that in other post). In the meantime keep checking back for more of my inspirations and creations for 2018 ....

Hanji Filming Part 6 ....... Suji Kim

  Transformation, creation and longevity ...... Suji Kim Suji Kim a beautiful, young Korean is a 'Linking Traditional Artist' who embodies a new generation of Koreans who are working with their age old traditions and bringing pieces of Hanji art into the 21st century. Her background is in fine arts and her interest is in the symbolism of folk paintings which she reproduces onto Hanji .  Traditional Korean folk paintings portrayed the simple lives of everyday people  and were far from sophisticated and yet the characters, animals, birds, flowers, nature and  seasons all ha d symbolic meanings. When adored on screens and as paintings on walls they created pleasant surroundings with constant reminders to their traditions and values. Korean Folk Art is a dying art form because the majority of modern Koreans , as is true all over the world, would rather have minimalist designs adoring their homes . Suji Kim's interpretations of those paintings on