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19th Century Korean Paintings - Hanji Box ......

Every day brings on some new ideas and a new challenge.

As part of my advanced Hanji classes I've designed a new worksheet for the students to make a divided keepsake box in which they can store small items.

I've had one myself for the last 13 years and use it to keep my envelopes, cards and stamps all in one place and it works a treat.  Stationery is almost outdated these days because not many people actually write letters or send things by post but, there's always a time when you might need an envelope or a  handmade card for someone special and it's great to have them all in one  place and in a personalised box. 
The box itself is 30 cms square and dividers can be placed inside  to whatever requirements you need, depending on the items that are to go in it. It could be used for old photos, jewellery, a memory box for storing trinkets or as a very nice gift for someone special.
For the covering of the box I've used copies of some old Korean paintings combined wit…

Hanji Floor lamp construction .......

My latest project has been to make a large lamp but also to incorporate a few new techniques that I haven't used before.  I spoke briefly about this in a previous blog but I'd just like to add some more details for those who may be interested in working on a project like this themselves.
Making the lamp was relatively easy as I just doubled the measurements of the large lamp instructions that I've already made up and added a few other details to strengthen the sides and improve the placement of the glass.
I'm restricted by the 70 x 100 cm dimensions of the cardboard I can get here but even still, that allows me to make something of a reasonable size.

The side panels were cut out of the 70 cm depth of the cardboard. I believe in some places you can get cardboard in larger sheets or custom made which I may need to look into in the future if I want to make anything too much larger.
The construction went together really well but then I needed to decide what I was going to…