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Hanji Filming Part 6 ....... Suji Kim

Transformation, creation and longevity ......
Suji Kim a beautiful, young Korean is a 'Linking Traditional Artist' who embodies a new generation of Koreans who are working with their age old traditions and bringing pieces of Hanji art into the 21st century.
Her background is in fine arts and her interest is in the symbolism of folk paintings which she reproduces onto Hanji. 

Traditional Korean folk paintings portrayed the simple lives of everyday people  and were far from sophisticated and yet the characters, animals, birds, flowers, nature and  seasons all had symbolic meanings. When adored on screens and as paintings on walls they created pleasant surroundings with constant reminders to their traditions and values. Korean Folk Art is a dying art form because the majority of modern Koreans, as is true all over the world, would rather have minimalist designs adoring their homes.
Suji Kim's interpretations of those paintings onto Hanji paper has won her accolades  and as…