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Hanji Lamps Insadong

During my visit back to Korea I saw these pretty lamps on display. It appears that stamping the paper with a special tool is now very popular to produce cutouts in the shape of a flower.  This gives a lovely effect with the light shining through the paper. I particularly like this orange colour.

Hanji paintings

Here is a series of paintings displayed on the walls of the Hanji paper factory in Andong, Korea. It shows how paper has been made for centuries.

I love the simplicity of the paintings and the fact that the colourings are so subtle. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

'Hanji' The movie



Paper, paper, paper...........
I've just spent a fabulous week back in Seoul, South Korea.

Heading straight to Insadong I was able to gain renewed inspiration from all the wonderful shops selling Korean Hanji products and paper. I  make contact with one of the shops, Ilsindang that has been sending me paper and kits here to the UAE and I met Mrs Lee the shop owner who was very helpful in explaining how to put some of the kits together.  I spent hours just browsing the latest products available including, paper, kits, hardware, printed or hand painted panels, electrical fittings, glues and varnishes .
Looking  online isn't quite the same as being able to browse through the sheets and feel the texture and  weight of the papers as well as see their true colours.

Next we(Ron and I) headed out of Seoul on a 3 hour bus and a 40 minute taxi ride to meet Mr Ee at the Andong Hanji factory.He was pleased to see us after 8 years and even remembered us from our time  working at Andong Natio…