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Paper textiles ........

Paper and textiles ....... these words don't automatically go together and yet we are seeing more and more sophisticated fabrics being produced using a mixture of fibres, including Hanji (paper), which is producing some  stunning fashion designs. 
I'm no fashion guru but I know what I like and even though I've been using Hanji for my 3 dimensional craft  I was blown away by the beautiful creations I saw recently on the catwalk at the Opening ceremony of the Hanji Festival in Sydney. Seeing the beautiful outfits being modeled defied everything I've ever thought of as paper. In the past I've purchased a few small pieces of Hanji fabric but what surprised me was the range and colours of fabrics I saw on that night.  Some of the clothes had a real silky glow and they looked soft and comfortable whilst others, although they looked a little stiffer and you could definitely tell they'd been made out of paper, they'd been beautifully crafted into wearable, fashiona…

Unique collection of Hanji paper clothes

Hanji Fashion show in India 2014

An Australian Female Hanji Missionary Coveney, "Amazed at Practicality" .....

A Korean take on what I'm doing .......  Here's an article that was written for the Yonhap Newspaper in Sydney by Ki Sung Kim.  He was a very friendly interviewer and we spent close to 45 mins chatting.  The article was written in Korean and has been translated thanks to  Jin Youn Kim. A little has been lost, or slightly misinterpreted in translation but it gives you the basics and his twist on it.

An Australian Female Hanji Missionary Coveney, "Amazed at Practicality"
"Most of the people around me have not even heard of Hanji craft but they get interested in it when they receive presents made of the Korean traditional paper and see the endless potential of the material."

Jan Coveney, an Adelaidean woman, has been spreading out the artistic beauty and practicality of Korean traditional paper outside of Korea like 'a Hanji craft missionary' ever since she fell in love with the mulberry paper.

In an interview with Yonhap News at K-Paper Culture Festival he…

K- Paper (Hanji) Festival

K- Paper (Hanji) Culture Festival  from 15 Feb - 29 Feb, 2016

at the Korean Cultural Centre, Sydney, Australia

more information at
Ph: 02 8267 3400

15 Feb.               - Opening & Hanji Fashion Show
15 Feb - 29 Feb - Hanji Craft Exhibition
15 Feb - 16 Feb - Workshop experiences
15 Feb - 16 Feb - Paper Market

I'll be there as I've been asked to be involved in the Festival, so as the only non Korean  I feel extremely privileged that they will have 5 of my pieces at the exhibition for the 2 weeks of the festival.

I'm delighted and I can't help but reflect on what a wonderful way to help improve relations between Australia and South Korea by being able to appreciate the respective Cultures and their Arts.

'People can only live fully by helping others to live. When you give life to friends you truly live. Cultures can only realize their further richness by honoring other traditions. And only by respecting natural life can humanity continue…