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Stunning hanji.....

This is one of the stunning pieces of Hanji for sale at the Andong Hanji showroom. I couldn't buy everything I saw so I resorted to taking lots of photographs.

On entering the showroom I saw many pieces for sale and off to the side was a workroom run by Gui - Sook Yang. This piece caught my eye because of the subtle colourings and the use of white cutouts instead of the usual dark ones.

Gui - Sook Yang was a lovely lady who has just returned from Queensland, Australia after being there to display her Hanji work. She spoke little to no English but through an interpreter she was happy to share her passion for her craft and even offered to give me lessons when I return to Korea   ..........  I will take her up on that next year when I plan to return with some of the ladies from my Hanji group.

Hanji Lamps Insadong

During my visit back to Korea I saw these pretty lamps on display. It appears that stamping the paper with a special tool is now very popular to produce cutouts in the shape of a flower.  This gives a lovely effect with the light shining through the paper. I particularly like this orange colour.

Hanji paintings

Here is a series of paintings displayed on the walls of the Hanji paper factory in Andong, Korea. It shows how paper has been made for centuries.

I love the simplicity of the paintings and the fact that the colourings are so subtle. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

'Hanji' The movie



Paper, paper, paper...........
I've just spent a fabulous week back in Seoul, South Korea.

Heading straight to Insadong I was able to gain renewed inspiration from all the wonderful shops selling Korean Hanji products and paper. I  make contact with one of the shops, Ilsindang that has been sending me paper and kits here to the UAE and I met Mrs Lee the shop owner who was very helpful in explaining how to put some of the kits together.  I spent hours just browsing the latest products available including, paper, kits, hardware, printed or hand painted panels, electrical fittings, glues and varnishes .
Looking  online isn't quite the same as being able to browse through the sheets and feel the texture and  weight of the papers as well as see their true colours.

Next we(Ron and I) headed out of Seoul on a 3 hour bus and a 40 minute taxi ride to meet Mr Ee at the Andong Hanji factory.He was pleased to see us after 8 years and even remembered us from our time  working at Andong Natio…

A pretty lamp ....

This is a lamp that I made a few months ago.  I combined different elements to construct a circular lamp with perspex windows. The shell was covered with a small geometric pattern whilst the windows were covered with a plain, very pale pink paper.  The windows were decorated with cutouts that were filled with different coloured papers.

How to cut out Hanji Paper

As I've mentioned before I've been following the blog of  'The constant crafter'.  She's currently making a Hanji Korean Medicine Cabinet and is posting every few days to show what she's up to and how she's been achieving this mammoth task.

Today she not only posted on her blog but she has included a video of how to cut out Hanji Paper to make intricate design. I'd like to share this with you.

Here is the link to her video.


Korean boxes

I've set myself a challenge and  decided to make some things to sell at a Christmas stall here in RAK at the Hilton Hotel.  Pat and Barbara from my Hanji group are going to contribute as well so it should be lots of fun when we get it all together.

This annual Christmas event is run by the expatriate women of Ras Al Khaimah and is always an interesting event where we see a variety of handicrafts, made by the men and women of this small community as well as some  from Dubai.

It signals the run up to Christmas in a city that doesn't have shops filled with Christmas decorations nor any outward indication of what is an important Christian event for so many of us.

I'm experimenting with new paper designs and continuing to perfect using some of my own photographs printed onto Hanji paper to create unique items.  It involves many steps in the Hanji process from cutting out the cardboard, glueing them all together, taping, printing the papers and then delicately placing it onto t…

Hanji Group


Korean Hanji Medicine Cabinet

Check out this amazing blog which details the making of a Hanji Korean Medicine Cabinet.

It's written by an American lady who's spending 12 months living in Seoul, South Korea and she's taking classes in Hanji.

Her  posts give step by step details of what she's been doing and it makes a great story both academically and photographically.

Check out her latest(No. 10) post   here.

Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation

Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation
The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation is an Ohio non-profit art center dedicated to the preservation of handmade papermaking and the art of the book. Morgan Conservatory will pursue its educational and charitable purposes by serving the greater community locally, nationally, and internationally with sustainable practices in an innovative green environment.

This Foundation in Ohio in the US is about to have a fully operational Paper Mill dedicated to preserving the Art of papermaking using traditional methods. 
Check out their website
They will be selling paper online so for those of us who live outside Korea and who want to get a good quality handmade paper it may be worth a look. If the quality is good, It may aleviate the language problems we have trying to purchase from a Korean website.

Hanji dinner

Last night we took a rest from making Hanji and went out for a Japanese meal at Akoya down on the corniche. Unfortunately Tricia and Fran couldn't make it but I hope we'll be able to do this again soon girls.

It gave us an opportunity to regroup and work out just what we're planning to make for the rest of the semester. A Christmas stall is one plan so look out for some new designs coming up...........

How to make a 3D box?

This is an easy and interesting box to make
Cut out a strip of 3mm thick cardboard then score it 7 times to form 4 triangles at the top and 4 triangles at the bottom.
The width of the cardboard will determine the size of your finished box.
Put the paper you want onto the inside of the box then glue it together to form a square at the base.
Cut out a base - glue the inside paper you want onto one side then glue the base to the sides.
Cover all joins with 1cm wide masking tape.
Cut out 3 squares to make the lid.
Punch holes in the centre for the knob.  

1  - that fits inside the box              
2 - that is a little larger
3 - as extra decoration for the lid.
Glue the squares together to make the lid.
Paper the outside of the box. and the lid. Glue strips of paper over all edges.
Cut some designs in black paper to add to the box.
Varnish the box. Attach a knob into the lid.

Anyone for a drink?

Since my return from summer leave I've been busy working on new hanji designs. The design on the top of this box was inspired by a design I saw in Australia on an ipad cover which I just had to buy. I've adapted it for use as a cutout in paper and I think it works.
The ladies in our Hanji group are keen to make things to sell ready for a Christmas fair held here in Ras Al Khaimah in early December therefore the next few months will see a variety of Hanji goods which I hope to share with you all.
I decided to begin with a set of 6 coasters all enclosed in a handmade box.
Here are a few pictures for those of you who would like to make them.

Traditional paper morphs into versatile artwork

Well this summer break has given me precious time to spend with my family who are scattered across the globe. It's also given me time to reflect and do some research on all aspects of Hanji.  I came across this interesting article from the Korea Times newspaper as it talks about a new Korean film 'Hanji' based around a Korean Hanji Artist. It may be of some interest to you as well.

A variety of colorful “hanji” paper hangs on racks at the Heejai Hanji located in Sanbon, Gyeonggi Province.
/ Korea Times photos by Shim Hyun-chul
By Chung Ah-young

Appearing as a guest in a recent TV show to support director Im Kwon-taek’s current film, “Hanji,” actress Ye Ji-won showed off her “hanji” (traditional Korean paper) craftwork. In the movie, Ye plays a hanji artist who breathes new life into the tradition and she said the role inspired her to learn the actual process of making hanji.

After Im’s 101st film was released, the craft of traditional paper-making and other hand…

Secret of Korean Paper "Hanji 한지"


Wonju Hanji Master

I'm currently travelling during my summer break so forgive me for the lack of information coming through on this blog. 
I did find time today though to do some research and I came across this article about Jang Euong-ryeol a man who has inspired a Parisian to open a Hanji paper store on the Champs Elysee. 
Paris also held a Hanji paper festival here in March  as part of it's French / Korean focus on culture exhibition.  I wish I could have been here then.
Check out this interview with one of the Grand masters of Hanji making and read his story and he and his family's passion for Wonju hanji.