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Traditional paper morphs into versatile artwork

Well this summer break has given me precious time to spend with my family who are scattered across the globe. It's also given me time to reflect and do some research on all aspects of Hanji.  I came across this interesting article from the Korea Times newspaper as it talks about a new Korean film 'Hanji' based around a Korean Hanji Artist. It may be of some interest to you as well.

A variety of colorful “hanji” paper hangs on racks at the Heejai Hanji located in Sanbon, Gyeonggi Province.
/ Korea Times photos by Shim Hyun-chul
By Chung Ah-young

Appearing as a guest in a recent TV show to support director Im Kwon-taek’s current film, “Hanji,” actress Ye Ji-won showed off her “hanji” (traditional Korean paper) craftwork. In the movie, Ye plays a hanji artist who breathes new life into the tradition and she said the role inspired her to learn the actual process of making hanji.

After Im’s 101st film was released, the craft of traditional paper-making and other hand…