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Hanji International Events 2013 .......

Here is a list of International Hanji Events for 2013 and their descriptions, written by the respective organisers   ........... if you know of any others I'd love tohear from you so we can all share in what is going on in this every globalising world of Hanji.

Jeonju Hanji Festival
I've been to this event and it's absolutely amazing.  The Hanji Artists  from around  
  the country come together to show their best work  for the year. I remember when
I was in Korea my teacher was  showing her work and it was hailed as a must visit 
 event for anyone  interested in Hanji. The Korean Men and 'Ajimah's' are very
 serious  about producing the  most amazing pieces of  furniture,  boxes,  screens 
and lamps. I was  blown away by what I saw.
When: - planned for May (no dates as yet)
Pungnamdong 1-ga, Wangsan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
Location: Jeonju Hanok Village, Hanji Industry Support Center area Telephone: 1330 tt call center +82-63-1330 ( Korean,English,

Hanji supplies for crafting .....

Many people have asked me exactly what is needed to begin doing Hanji crafts so I thought that this year maybe it's time to get back to the basics.
You don't need a lot of tools and they can be added to over time as your interest grows and you feel the need to make larger pieces and embark on bigger projects.  You can begin with just 12 items, some of which are shown here and many you probably already have at home.
A pattern or a kit Hanji papers 3 mm thick cardboard Sharp pencil  Metal ruler1 cm wide masking tape  Small craft knife Craft Knife & blades  Soft brushes Contact Adhesive glue Wallpaper paste Cutting mat
Worksheets are available  in some Korean books or through my website. You can buy pre cut kits from shops in Korea which makes the process of learning the craft much easier especially for beginners as the marking out of the cardboard, cutting and assembling is already done.

The best paper to use for these projects is the ha…

Hanji New Year .......

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy and CREATIVE New Year.
I'm already excited about 2013 because at the end of this semester I'll be retiring from my full-time position as an ESL teacher. This means that I will have more time for doing Hanji and setting up my Hanji business.  I find teaching ESL can be very creative in itself but it's going to be such a luxury to be able to spend time creating new Hanji projects, taking more Hanji classes and exploring this craft further.

I hope that you too can look forward to a year of creating, exploring and sharing.