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Radio Interview hiccup ......

I had another interesting experience last week when I was contacted by Hyun Ju Park from the Korean Cultural Centre in Sydney to say that SBS Radio would like to interview me re my Hanji interests.  

Here in Australia  the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)  is a hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting radio, online, and television network. The stated purpose of SBS is "to provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and in doing so, reflect Australia's multicultural society".
I was taken by surprise but I guess my interest in Hanji could have been  intriguing to the  Korean Radio audience and therefore the reporter, Clara Kim, sent me some questions that she wanted to ask and, I duly responded with my answers prior to the recording. 
It seemed quite strange writing answers to questions rather than responding spontaneously but this was a little different to the normal interview as it needed …