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Paper Tour France 2016 - Moulin du Got

Situated in the sleepy little village of Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat in Central France Le Moulin de Got offers a wide range of paper making and printing experiences.
Le Moulin du Got - paper mill was built in 1522 and they manufactured paper  there up until 1954, a period of over four hundred years. For hundreds of years prior to the Industrial revolution the paper was made out of rags using hand made methods with the mill operating by using the power generated by the water in the streams. As the revolution slowly crept throughout Europe and into France  during the 18th and 19th centuries the paper mills' manufacturing processes gradually changed, and paper making went from hand production methods to a greater reliance on steam or electrically powered machinery. 
Large factories with automated machinery finally took over paper production because it could be made more cheaply and with less labour involved, so the need for hand made paper decreased and in 1954 the mill closed down.
In 20…