Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to make a 3D box?

This is an easy and interesting box to make
  • Cut out a strip of 3mm thick cardboard then score it 7 times to form 4 triangles at the top and 4 triangles at the bottom.

  • The width of the cardboard will determine the size of your finished box.   

  • Put the paper you want onto the inside of the box then glue it together to form a square at the base.

  • Cut out a base - glue the inside paper you want onto one side then glue the base to the sides.

  • Cover all joins with 1cm wide masking tape.

  • Cut out 3 squares to make the lid.
    Punch holes in the centre for the knob.  


    1  - that fits inside the box              
    2 - that is a little larger
    3 - as extra decoration for the lid.

  • Glue the squares together to make the lid.

  • Paper the outside of the box. and the lid. Glue strips of paper over all edges.

  • Cut some designs in black paper to add to the box.

  • Varnish the box. Attach a knob into the lid.

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