Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Online Hanji paper store, in English .....

I'm really pleased to be able to share with you this website where you can order a variety of Hanji papers from Korea and it's all in English !!!  The store is based in Daejon, Korea.


HAMINBRIDGE (Thehanji) was established by Moonyang Park in 1983. It's a family owned 2nd generation  business and they have a factory in Junju.  They also have a factory in China where some of the paper is made. The website is at www.thehanji.com and it provides a selection of specialty Hanji paper (Korean paper) and products. 

I ordered some papers from them recently  to see what it was like and they were extremely efficient in dealing with  the order and it was here in the UAE within 5 days so I was really impressed. The prices were good and they even have some on special, the paper is beautiful and the ease of ordering was amazing.  

They do sell rolls of paper, traditional papers and lanterns but overall I did think the range was a bit limited for what I want.  I'd love to see some more plain colours, bleaching papers and patterned papers but this is certainly a great start.

Check it out if you're looking to order Hanji paper directly from Korea.


  1. Nice Post..Thank you for Sharing..

  2. Hi. I stumbled across your blog while researching Korean themed scrapbook paper. I make cards but I want to teach myself to make boxes. I'm a Korean drama watcher and I want to make Korean themed items. I would love to go on your next Korean trip since I love paper crafts, textiles & food. Hiromi Papers dot com and Paper Arts dot com here in the U.S. has colored hanji paper.

    1. Thanks Davis and hi Tayfan.
      Tayfan there is a planned Hanji trip to Korea at the end of March but it is full so if you send me an email with your details I'll keep you informed as to any coming up in the future. Thanks for the websites they look interesting.

  3. Hello there!
    I'm a belgian girl who got ontroduced to Hanji at a fair and I'd like to develop it a bit. I'm a looking for starter kits as I plan to try with my niece who is quite young. (She saw the box I made and was quite impressed) I looked through that website (and it's pretty much the only one I found in English) and try to look up Yehan's one as well as they were providing the kit I used but was unable to understand it... Would you have any idea of a supplier that would send to my country and have an English version of their website? Thank You

  4. Hi Coline,
    You might like to try cntacting the Hanji Doori store where there isa lady called Catherine there who speaks English. She has kits in her shop and she should be able to help. Her website is listed on the side of my blog under Hanji Websites. All the best in your search.


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