Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cats & hanji ....

In my next set of classes the students will be making an umbrella or, hold anything, stand. 

In the past I've made them with traditional Korean paper designs and I really like the effect but I'm loving the colour yellow at the moment as it's so bright and cheerful  and it reminds me of Spring which is about to start here in the Northern hemisphere. 

In fact we were invited to an Iranian New Year feast yesterday which traditionally falls around the 21st of March each year and the northward equinox. The celebration is called 'Nowruz' which means New Year and it marks the beginning of the Persian year.  Small yellow jonquils are displayed in Iranian homes as well as hyacinths in a variety  of different colours.


So with the colour yellow in mind I wanted to add a more contemporary look to the the stand so I found this wonderful cutout of a cat which I'm going to use around the sides and one of them may possibly find itself inside as well. I'm making this for my cat loving daughter, Laura. 

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