Paper, paper, paper...........

I've just spent a fabulous week back in Seoul, South Korea.

Heading straight to Insadong I was able to gain renewed inspiration from all the wonderful shops selling Korean Hanji products and paper. I  make contact with one of the shops, Ilsindang that has been sending me paper and kits here to the UAE and I met Mrs Lee the shop owner who was very helpful in explaining how to put some of the kits together.  I spent hours just browsing the latest products available including, paper, kits, hardware, printed or hand painted panels, electrical fittings, glues and varnishes .

Looking  online isn't quite the same as being able to browse through the sheets and feel the texture and  weight of the papers as well as see their true colours.

A Hanbok made of paper
Andong Hanji
Mr Ee at Andong Hanji
Mr Ee and I in the paper showroom

Next we(Ron and I) headed out of Seoul on a 3 hour bus and a 40 minute taxi ride to meet Mr Ee at the Andong Hanji factory.  He was pleased to see us after 8 years and even remembered us from our time  working at Andong National University. The factory hasn't changed much since our last visit except for some wonderful paintings on the wall of the factory showing each stage of the paper making process. I believe that the Andong factory is the last of it's kind in Korea to  still make the paper completely by hand.  I'll explain more about it in another post.

The factory had an exhibition hall with items made by a wonderful lady who came out to see if she could help me.  Unfortunately she didn't speak English and I don't speak enough Korean so with Mr Ee translating I found out that she'd just come back from giving an exhibition of her work in Brisbane, Australia.    

It was a long day by the time we got to Seoul but it was oh so worth it.            


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