Is creativity inherent or learnt over time?

I think if we have a desire to be creative, which could be inherited or just from curiosity or need, then great things can be achieved. But, time and exposure are important factors.

I remember when my children were younger  I had little or no time to explore creativity as much as my mother who seemed to be good at everything but I do believe it was always there waiting for the right time. Since my children have all grown up I find I can now explore different arts and crafts and extend myself as far, or as little as I like.

Looking at the next generation; to my delight my daughter Laura, with two very young children, is finding time to be creative by sewing, painting and cooking  as well as being a mother and a wife.  She works part time as well but, many of her friends are working from home making things  then selling them at the markets, once or twice a month, in and around Adelaide. It seems that home made products are very much appreciated by the next generation as well as by mine. It's not only practical to make things but it can also bring in some much needed extra revenue if needed. Did Laura and her friends inherent their creativity or has it come out of a need to fill the gap between a busy life style and a sense of homeliness?.

Hanji by Monica Sturgess
Here in the UAE I work with a small group of people who meet every week and share ideas on what we're doing, show what we've made and are enriched by the inspiration that we can give one another. 

In this photo we have a six sided and a four sided lamp and a small box that Monica Sturgess, one of the ladies in our Hanji group has made.  She's only been in the group for a few months and yet she's been able to produce some amazingly beautiful and useful items.

Once you learn the basics of doing Hanji then you can make just about anything you want from small boxes, chests of drawers, lamps and even large  pieces of furniture.

One of the things that appeals to me in doing this craft is that by deciding on an item to make, choosing a particular colour scheme, selecting your different papers and cutouts, each piece then becomes a unique piece based on that person's sense of creativity, time and skills.

Anna, one of the ladies in our group is selling her Hanji at the ARTE souk in Dubai every few months.  She enjoys mixing and matching papers and colours to produce items that she and other people may like and in doing so, she has an outlet for her creative talents.  Others in the group are happy to make things for themselves to enjoy and would be reluctant to let them go after all the thought and work that's gone into them. Personally I put my heart into every piece I make and am collecting so many  things  that I'm going to need to build on a spare room before long !!  I've sold many pieces in the past but for now, I'm happy having them around me.

We all have a reason for doing what we do dependent on a variety of factors, and in so doing, we are all creative in our own ways and to varying degrees.  I don't know that I've answered the questions above but it's certainly made me think about some of the reasons why creativity comes to the fore or gets pushed back at varying times in our lives.


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