Monday, July 9, 2012

Grandchildren & crafts ......

Summer break with family and friends means being able to spend time with my six, soon to be seven, year old identical twin granddaughters Jasmine and Tamika.  
You ask me, "How can you tell them apart?,  well, unless I'm looking at them straight on, or I take note of what clothes they're wearing on any particular day, then I do have difficulty.  They're great though and if I call them the wrong name they just casually reply, "I'm Jasmine/Tamika" and keep on with what they're doing.

We've been working on a craft project together over the last week and they're making butterfly lanterns. It's not quite Hanji but it's still working with paper, only in a different way. 
I hope when they're a little older and I'm settled back in Australia I'll be able to work on some Hanji projects with them as well.

Children are amazing when given the opportunity to create, the materials to work with and the directions to guide them along. These lanterns are a work in progress.  They began by decorating  them with designs on the paper then they chose either pre coloured butterflies, birds or bats or, they coloured in the shapes themselves to stick onto the surface of the lamp. 

Being identical twins they often think alike but they're being encouraged by their parents to make their own choices and this is a good way to help them along.  There's often the odd squabble over wanting the same thing but they are usually very good at compromise and one will give in to another.

The lanterns will soon take pride of place in their bedrooms and hopefully it will be a small step in helping to develop their love for being creative and taking pride in their achievements.

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  1. They look great Mum ... Glad you're enjoying the time with the family!


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