Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hanji Happenings website up and running .....

Beautifully painted Korean fan
Well it's finally happened, my new Hanji Happenings website is up and running. Thank you for being so patient with my lack of posts.

It's been quite a challenge for me as I love new technology but I come unstuck with  computer terminology and  setting up domains, hosting plans,  FTPs etc. and making them all work. Luckily I found someone to work through it all with me step by step.

I do love the creative side of technology though so thanks to my trusty Apple computer setting up the web pages has gone quite smoothly.  I still have things to do to get it all up and running so please bear with me and check back when you can.  

The rest of my time at the moment is in preparing for a new beginners class to start in early September.  I will be working more on the creative side of Hanji really soon as I have lots of new ideas for projects that I'll reveal as time goes on ........

Please  note ***

 I've changed my email address to 

My website is at

Tea house window - Jeonju

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