Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beginner's classes starting soon ........

Three years ago I started meeting with a small group of friends who wanted to learn how to do 'hanji'.  We started from the basics but they very soon progressed into making more complex items.  Through all this they've taught me such a lot about design,  adaption of materials and perseverance in ordering  both locally and from overseas. It's been difficult at times but we've worked through things together and achieved such a lot. 

I've made some great friends over the years as some people have stayed with the group, meeting nearly every week for the whole time and others have come and gone. That is the way of the ex-pat life.

I'm now really looking forward to meeting a new group of women in our beginner's class starting next week.  We'll start from the basics of hanji making and work through some different techniques for the next six weeks.  They will complete 3 different projects and develop the skills to move on to a more advanced class that I have planned for later in the year. 

These pictures are some of my photographs that I'm incorporating into my hanji pieces in my 'photographic collection'.  I will show you more soon........

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