100th Hanji post ..........

Well this is a momentous occasion when I can actually say this is my 100th blog post !!!  

Who would have thought that there would be so much interest in Hanji and its Art.  Over the last 18 months it's seen nearly 20,000 visits and I've had numerous emails asking for help in how to get paper supplies both in, and outside of Korea, questions on where to go for lessons, how to make various household articles and I've even been asked by a western couple how to use Hanji at their wedding in Korea. 

I'm delighted that I've been able to help so many people and that I've had the opportunity to explore this art even further than I thought I could.  

I'm learning new things all the time and as I move forward it's a bit of self indulgence to take the time to reflect on where it all began a few years ago. At that time making articles out of Hanji was just a hobby that I enjoyed, but the more I worked with the paper the more I became enthralled at its amazing qualities and the way it molds to the cardboard when wet and yet it's so strong, fresh and vibrant when it's dry. I had a few papers I'd bought back from Korea but I was beginning to want to find more and I was finding it difficult to source.

At that time my friends and I were having craft evenings every week to give us a break from work related activities and to satisfy our creative instincts. One day I asked if they wanted to try Hanji.  Well they really enjoyed it as a craft that was different from anything they'd ever done, extremely creative and the pieces they made were useful. They are now hooked on it so much so that now, nearly 4 years later, they are all still doing Hanji !!

I looked into ways of sourcing more paper and supplies but the language barrier between myself and the Korean companies was a stumbling block. Today I am pleased that I have discovered enough contacts both overseas and locally to keep me well stocked and my passion has grown with it.

I've now collected as many books as I can find on Hanji and Korean designs (there are still a few in the post), I'm researching and planning to write a book in English on Korean Hanji, which will include many aspects of the craft and also patterns for making some articles.  I'm holding more formal and structured Hanji classes, my new studio is now almost completed and this weekend it'll be officially opened and, last but by no means least, my wonderful students are coming back to do more and more projects.

Thank you to everyone who's supported me throughout this ongoing craft adventure and I hope to be able to continue my journey with you for many years to come.


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