Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anna's Aquarium pot .......

My students have been working for a few weeks now on making an Umbrella Stand or 'large storage pot', and it's been an exciting process as they've constructed the pot from scratch and then they've  had a larger 'canvas' on which to explore and use the Hanji paper. 

I have 3 'large pots'.  Living in a desert country I've little use for an Umbrella stand because it rarely rains here but, they're great for storing some of my special papers all rolled up, within visible sight  and ready to be used.

The students followed patterns and cut out the cardboard and constructed the pots.  That was the straightforward part and everyone's looked the same up to this stage. Next the ideas for what to put on them were determined, then they were changed then changed again.  It's all a part of the creative processes.

I've had students say they couldn't sleep because they've had so many ideas going around in their minds and many people have said to me that they're not creative at all but they've been surprised at themselves when they've started making things and  been able to materialise their ideas through Hanji.

One of my students Anna, started with some paper she'd bought in turquoise hues.  The more she looked at it the more it looked like water and so the creative Hanji journey began.  She wanted colour, movement, an underwater scene, grasses, fish and water.  Ideas were tossed around, cutouts were made and after many weeks it all started to come together.

Take a look, it's a unique piece of Hanji art that started out as cardboard and paper and finished up as her very own creation.  Well done Anna.

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