Thursday, June 20, 2013

New paper .......

I've just received a new batch of papers from Korea and some, are quite different from anything I've ever used before.  I first saw them when I visited Korea last year and I excitedly brought some home and they've just sat in my drawer waiting for an inspirational project that I felt was right for them. 

When this new batch arrived with  more different designs I felt that I should to try one out.

It's a bleaching paper with a rubberised design on top.  I was unsure at first what I'd use it for and how well it'd mold to the cardboard but, even though it's fairly thick,  as long as I applied enough glue it was as easy to use as any other paper.

I decided to make a bowl with a lid and this is how it looks. 

There are several different designs in this type of paper, from Chinese calligraphy to waves and geometric designs and this, a classic looking flowery one, but they're all stunning and I'm looking forward to using them all in the future .....

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