Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cardboard Hanji bedside table .....

Over the last six weeks I've been working on making this 50 cm tall x 40 cm wide cabinet out of cardboard and Hanji paper. 

Completed cabinet
I now have instructions on how to make this so if anyone is interested I'll be posting it on my website in the next week or so along with about 5 other worksheets for sale from Sets of drawers to a divided box and lamps of different shapes and sizes. 

These worksheets will enable you to cut out and make your own pieces of Hanji which is especially useful if kits aren't available.  It gives you the flexibility to create your own articles, add your own details and the satisfaction of knowing you made it completely by yourself.

For my cabinet, about the size suitable for a bedside table, I choose a traditional white paper with writing on it for the inside of the cabinet and a brown mottled specialty paper with an imprint of cats on it for the outside. 

I then trimmed it with a traditional border design in black with a plain beige colour underneath. The border design is 2.5cm wide on the sides and around the doorway and I then repeated the design on the top but cut it  5 cm wide.

Doors open
Inside of the cabinet
I finished it off with beige and orange strips of Hanji paper to highlight the trim and I then used brass fittings with engraved hinges along with a butterfly clasp. It was  finished off with 2 coats of polyurethane varnish in a gloss to give it a surface that can be wiped over and I will now get a piece of bevel edged glass cut to place on the top  just to give it extra protection as a tabletop.

Butterfly clasp
Engraved hinges


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