Cheong-Ah Hwang - Paper sculptures ....

'Hanji' is the Korean word for paper and Hanji artists work with this amazingly versatile material in many different ways.  

The delicate attributes of Hanji paper lends itself to being used in 2 dimensional paintings, using paper instead of paint, and  in 3 dimensional art which includes, moulding the paper over cardboard  and layering and shaping the paper into highly detailed sculptured objects.

I recently came across  the work of Cheong-Ah Hwang, a Hanji Artist, in a book called, 'Creative Paper Cutting'. 

Cheong-Ah Hwang was born in South Korea and now lives in Ohio, USA.  Her parents ran a print shop in Seoul and as a child she developed an affinity for experimenting and creating with paper.  In the late 1990's she began exploring paper sculptures and studied carefully different artists' works before  experimenting and teaching herself  a variety of techniques that suited the style of pieces she wanted to achieve. 

Cheong-Ah  cuts and moulds paper into delicate 3D art that is almost 2 D, but not quite.  The cuts and layers give the final object depth and form, but it  essentially  remains a flat piece. She  is now working as an independent artist, guest demonstrator, conference presenter and freelance illustrator. 

Pictured here are some beautiful humming birds which are one of her favourite subjects for paper sculptures and I can see why.  The  details of the feathers cut out of the delicate Japanese (but I'm sure Hanji  could also be used) paper give the sculpture a jewel-like quality with every layer being cut adding to the texture of the sculpture. I love the amazing wings cut out of a delicate, almost translucent, Hanji paper which show a contrast between the smaller and the larger wing feathers.

There is so much detail that I could look at the pictures for hours. What an amazing skill to make these delicately sculptured pieces of art.  I'm in awe !!

For more of her work check out this Pinterest website or you can buy some of her pieces on ETSY .


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