Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fabric and Hanji ........

For an interesting textured effect and to create something that's quite unique you can use fabric under your Hanji paper. I found this set of drawers being made in the Hanji Doori store in Insadong, Seoul. I've never seen this effect before so was fascinated to have it explained to me by Catherine.

Here you can see that strips of a very course burlap  or hessian have been glued on to the top of this set of drawers to give it an interesting  texture, as well as a unique look. It was then covered with a thick black paper and lightly bleached to accentuate the weave.

On the drawer fronts a finer fabric, possibly a finer burlap but I'm sure you could use anything that has texture, has been glued onto the cardboard before applying two coats of paper. The fabric has been placed in different directions on each drawer to give them all an individual look.  

Although I'm not a great lover of the colour purple I do love the graded colours of these purple papers which contrast very nicely against the black surrounds and top.

Can't wait to try this......

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