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My time has suddenly got busier as I prepare for my Hanji Exhibition, 'HANJI - ..from paper to purpose', in April.  It seems ages away but I know all too well that time will fly and with other commitments along the way I'd hate to run out of time and not complete the tasks I've set for myself. 

I'm one of those annoying people who have to get things just right and I probably spend too much time on achieving the highest level I possibly can but I guess that's what makes me the person I am and makes my work unique. 

I have lists written up all around the room for things I'd like to achieve each day and sometimes I do all of them plus some, and others, there's no way it's going to happen. I guess they'll all out-way each other in the long run and the main thing is that everything gets done in the end.

Renovations on our house are almost complete and we're really pleased with what we've achieved to make our living more comfortable and more our style  and so now, my mind can shift to more enjoyable pursuits like Hanji. My Hanji room is getting plenty of use as I experiment with new ideas and I do feel blessed that I now have the space in which to be creative.

I continue to learn something new about Hanji almost every day and it's exciting to put those things into practice but as I've mentioned before, doing Hanji in Adelaide is all about doing it yourself.  You can't pop around or call someone and chat to them about what you're doing, nor can you throw around ideas on how to do things but, that does mean you have to learn the hard way through trial and error and that what you do is completely your own. 

This will change as time goes on and I'm hoping the exhibition will introduce a large number of people to this craft so that they'll want to learn to make things themselves leading to a Hanji community  here in this city.
Immediately after the Exhibition I'll be heading to Korea for 6 weeks and have several things organized over there so I'm excited about what's to come but I won't share with you just yet but instead, I'll wait until closer to the time.

In the meantime I'll continue to update you each week through my blog and as the Exhibition gets closer I'll pass on information on my progress and things that I have discovered about Hanji. Please bear with me as we go on this journey together.


  1. How exciting! Looking forward for updates on your new adventures. Please do share on our FB group Hanji Créations too 😊

  2. I cannot wait to see you again, Jan! I think Jeonju Festival will be wonderfully special for us both this year!

  3. Me too. It'll be great to meet up again. Would you mind letting me know the dates for the Festival once they're announced. That'd be really helpful for organizing my trip. x


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