Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Environmentally friendly interiors using Hanji ........

' Hanji is used in limitless applications, including  wallpaper and an array of household goods made with traditional craftsmanship. The official residences of the Korean Mission to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Mun are good examples of the esthetic qualities of hanji interiors.'
Cha Jong-sun
Professor at Yewon Arts University, Hanji Formative Arts Department

Ban Ki-Mun, Secretary General of the United Nations

Hanji has been showing a resurgence in popularity of late as people are turning to more environmentally friendly lifestyles where the importance of a good quality of life is paramount.  

One of the ambassadors for this is General Ban Ki-Mun and his wife who have recently worked in collaboration with he Hanji Formative Arts Department of Yewon Arts University in decorating the Guest Room of the UN Secretary General’s official residence in New York and the official residence of the Korean Mission to the UN with hanji. It's believed that the current Pope is also looking at having his residence decorated using hanji.

The room was decorated based on the concept of “Modest but not shabby, splendid but not extravagant,” which  expresses the esthetic quality of Korea’s ancient Baekje Dynasty, well known for its temperance and dignity. During the hottest months of the year in New York, many UN officials were surprised by the changes made in the building spaces using hanji materials.

The room was decorated with Hanji wallpaper containing wormwood, charcoal and elven  with a traditional Dangcho pattern.

Dangcho Pattern

Household Items Made of Hanji

Cloth made with hanji was used for the bedding, sofa cover, and curtains. A bandaji (chest with a hinged front flap) and a two-tiered wardrobe made with  traditional hanji-making technique were also placed in the home.  Hanji-made furniture displays a uniquely Korean color combination and pattern. 
Bandagi Chest

Along with Hanji being used at the Secretary General's residence there were also fourteen 3 metre long lighting fixtures installed into the main hall of the Korean Mission to the UN across from the UN Headquarters.  These were put in place to signify Korea's wish that they may light the way to humankind's everlasting peace and happiness.
Household Items Made of Hanji
Hanji interiors with the handmade mulberry paper made from the bark of the Korean 'dak' tree is lightweight and it has durability and ventilation qualities. It's  also extremely functional as it repels bacteria and insects, eliminates odours, adjusts humidity and absorbs noise. Research has  shown that it creates long wave infrared rays which are good for the human body.

Hanji is not only great for using in craft projects but it's also  good for your health and environmentally friendly as well.

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