Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival

A cupboard - one of the larger items on show
The best place to see the wide range of uses for Hanji is at the Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival in Jeonju Provence, in Korea.

Here you will see cupboards covered with intricately designed hanji cutouts and trimmed with brass fittings. You'll also see boxes in different shapes and colours, tables and lamps all painstakingly made especially for the exhibition.

These are all judged according to the quality of workmanship and based on Korean traditional standards. 
A table with intricate cutouts in paper on the top
There are different categories in the Festival - modern, traditional and cultural products and it's quite an honour for a Korean hanji Artist to win one or more of these categories.
 An interesting shape but note the formed section inside the box
Check out the butterflies on the lid. These are cut out of cardboard and
glued on before putting the paper onto the lid frame.
Intricate cutouts on the glass & lid

One of the more popular items are the lamps which are painstakingly made with new shapes and designs coming out each year. The lamp exudes a soft light with the glass covered with a light coloured paper.

If you're in Korea, and you get an opportunity to visit the festival, which is usually held around May/June, it's worthwhile going to. It'll help you understand the importance of hanji in their society ........... it's so much a part of their cultural heritage.


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