Making a Hanji Box

One of the easiest items to start making is a square box.

This is done by cutting out the sides of the box and lid  in 3mm thick cardboard.
(You need a thick cardboard to give it the strength) 


You then glue the sides together with contact adhesive.


Next you cover the joints with masking tape. 
(The true traditional way is to cover the cardboard with white hanji paper). 

Cut out the Hanji paper of your choice to cover each segment of the box. (Cut paper about 1cm larger so that it overlaps)

Make sure all pieces fit the box.

Paper the box using wallpaper paste

Cut 1cm wide strips of paper to cover all joints.

Cover Hanji Box with a few layers of matt or gloss varnish or you can use 50/50 white glue to water. 



  1. Love the blog Jan. Makes me miss Andong and our days of doing hanji together. Much love to you and Ron. Michelle (Patrick, Marieve & Oliver too:)

  2. Thanks Michelle. Have just heard from Monica as well so a lot of memories have come flooding back. She really was great wasn't she putting up with us all trying to learn.... Love to you and your lovely family....

  3. Wonderful. I have to make one. Thank you.


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