Circular lamp.......

I'm currently working on a new project and as you can see I have my trusty helper.

My trusty helper !!
This is from a kit I bought from a shop in Insadong but there were no instructions with it and even if there was, they'd have been in Korean.  I had to cut out several new pieces to make it more stable.

This is the skeleton of the lamp.
The lack of English instructions have always been a challenge to me over the years since I first started doing Hanji and especially, since I left Korea over 8 years ago now. Luckily my experience and perseverance has enabled me to work through the basic techniques that I was taught and to end up with what I consider a reasonable result. This one had me stumped though, until, I revisited the shop a few months ago during my visit to Seoul and got a very easy explanation of what I needed to do to put it all together. 
Bending the perspex and holding it together was the most difficult part. In the final stages of assembling the perspex hexagon I needed an extra pair of hands to hold it all together.

I added the paper

Assembled the lid

Support for the lid

Added cutouts

Final product all ready for the wiring.
 If anyone would like my worksheet for this lamp then just email me. 
I'm currently working on a series of English worksheets and will be selling them online from this blog in the future, so for now, just drop me an email and I'll give you all the information you need to make this lamp yourself. (You don't have to have the kit you can get the materials and cut it out yourself).


  1. I'd like the directions for the lamp. Thank you. Charmayne

    1. Hi Charmayne, if you can email me I could send you the worksheet. Jan


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