Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cutouts ........

Jewelery Box
Staple layers of paper to the template
Template on the light box
A good Knife
My latest project has been to make a jewelry box. I'm not going to tell you at this stage how to make it but I thought you may be interested in the process of cutting out the stencils to achieve the desired affects.

The most important thing is to have the right type of knife and a good sharp knife blade.

                            Choose the pattern you want to put on your article. There are several books around that have the stencils in them that are suitable for hanji.  I have a few books I bought in Korea but you could improvise and use any design that you like.

You can cut out up to 4 stencils at one time depending on the thickness of the paper.  If it's very thick only do 3 and if it's quite thin (I don't recommend this as the paper tends to tear) then you could cut up to 5.

Cut out a no. of pieces of Hanji paper the same size as the stencil with about a 1cm border. I usually use black as it gives a stained glass effect but you can use any colour to match in with your colour scheme. Staple the paper to the stencil around the edges to hold everything in place whilst cutting.

I use a see through cutting mat and a light box so I can see where I've cut and ensure I've cut it clearly.

It's a good idea to start cutting from the middle and work your way outwards. When you've cut out the whole design then cut around the edges to reveal your delicate stencils.

Give it a go.  It's really satisfying to see the final results.

When you've cut out all the pieces you need then paste them to your box. Reminder: Usually you'll end up with some spare cutouts which you can use on another project.

Inside of the box

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