Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hanji hardware ......

I've finished my jewelry box !! 
One of my hardware boxes
In this post I want to mention the fact that to complete many  projects you need some hardware. I have quite a collection of miniature hinges, clasps, handles, knobs and miniature screws from 6mm to around 10mm..  These have been collected over the years but I haven't had much luck in getting the right type of hardware to complement my projects anywhere but in Korea itself.  They can be ordered online but it's always best to see what you're going to get and sometimes I've misordered but I always figure that I can use it for another project.
For the jewelry box I've added some hinges and a clasp at the front then finished it off with metal corners on the lid which give it a more solid look.  Not that it isn't solid enough but I think it complements the cutouts.

One of the things to remember when using the hardware is that you need at least 2, 3mm pieces of cardboard to screw them into.  If you want to put something on and you've only used one 3mm piece of cardboard then you'll need to add a small piece of cardboard to the inside so the screw don't come through.
Metal corners

Some of my clasps are for boxes and some are for small cabinets.

Clasps for a small cabinet


  1. So beautiful! Where did you find small clasps? I'm repurposing a small box into a clutch and am not having much luck.

  2. I buy the hardware for my Hanji pieces in Korea, usually in Insadong. You can buy them online. Just send me an email and I can give you a few site where you can buy them online.


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