Saturday, February 11, 2012

More challenges ....

This week I've been working on getting my Hanji area a little better organised and also on another lamp.

I'd seen a lot of this design in Insadong but I wanted to tackle doing one myself.  It looks simple being only 4 sided but the difficult part is getting the curved shape and holding the whole thing together whilst the glue dries. I needed an extra pair of hands for this task so Ron came to the rescue!!!    I did try super glue but I found it didn't stick so well because there's actually  a very small  area of contactable surface. It took several evenings of gluing and then waiting until the next day to do another section before I could move on.

I'm  happy with the results for my first effort and I learnt a lot and therfore I will do things a little differently next time I make one.

Another challenge was how to make it so that the light bulb can be changed.  Normally in the lamps the openings in the top are large enough to be able to put your hand in and change the bulb.  This one has a relatively small opening and it needed a support top and bottom to hold the side together so this limited the space even more.  I had a discussion about it in our Hanji group and Suzy came up with the idea of putting a small lip around the base for the lamp to sit into.  (I find it helpful to have our get togethers because not only can I pass on what I know but also I am learning from then).  I would normally have glued the base to the lamp but in this case the lamp can be removed so you can get into it to change the light bulb.

Our  Hanji Tour to Korea in only six weeks time will be extremely useful to be able to see first hand exactly how the experts make them and what are the tips and tricks of assembling.

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