Hanji Tour to Korea ....

Many people have been asking what did you do on your Hanji tour to Korea,? Well, the answer is lots of different activities and here's just some of the ones that stood out.

Mr Kim's House - Andong
Firstly we had a focus for our short visit which was to learn as much as we could about our craft, to visit different hanji artists, to see how the paper is made by hand and to learn through having a lesson on how the locals work with the paper. We were based very close to Insadong and therefore we were able to browse the many Hanji supply shops as well as the  Arts and Crafts shops in the district.   During our time there we visited the Andong paper factory and had a 3 hour lesson and saw how the paper was made firsthand.

Secondly we  incorporated time in the program to sample the culture of the Korean people  and this we did by taking a conducted tour to one of the temples and to a couple of Palaces in Seoul to see the changing of the guard ceremony and to visit some museums, in particular the Embroidery, Folk Art  and National Museums. We went to see 'Nanta', a highly successful and  typically Korean Musical show and we sampled vegetarianTemple cooking whilst visiting Sanchon restaurant in Insadong. It included a beautiful cultural show of dancing and drumming. We also did an overnight trip down to Andong to stay in a traditional Korean house on the floor with a yo and the toilet miles away in cold weather  - I think we're getting too old for that, but at least we experienced it !!.

Lastly we tasted the cuisine of the country and enjoyed many great meals at local restaurants eating, Bibimbap, Panjeon, Chapchai, Mundoo and various recipes using fish eg. smoked, with a spicy sauce and steamed.

Juliet, Mr Kim & Anna
Andong Mask puppets

Buddhist Temple, Seoul

Roof lines


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