Sunday, April 15, 2012

Specialty papers .....

Whilst we were wandering through the back streets of Insadong a few weeks ago we discovered this shop called Jang's Paper which sold specialty handmade papers. When talking to the lady in the shop she said her father made the paper and she sold it. As we entered the walls looked like slabs of marble but on closer inspection I realised that they were sheets of paper. This wasn't just any hanji paper shop but one with very different designs and much more upmarket prices.  Hanging in the corner were large sheets of paper approx 6 times the size of normal sheets I buy and they were from $150 US a sheet.
Smaller sheets about half the size  were from $20 US a sheet so I just looked in awe at the designs and the quality of the paper.  You'd really need a special project to use them on.

I did discover some finer paper for the glass on lamps in white, with  designs imprinted into the paper by using more and lesser depths of fibres so I had to indulge and buy a few of these.

It was an exciting find and one which I'd love to explore further.

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