Monday, April 15, 2013

A surprise inside .......

The inside of the drawers

I've just completed another interesting set of classes where the students have amazed me with their  creativity,  imagination in paper choices and ability to read and interpret my worksheets.
Carol cutting out her base
After the initial cutting out and putting together of the item the fun began.  The students decided on the colours and patterns of the Hanji paper they wanted to use for their pieces as well as the designs that were to be put on them. They always vary. Sometimes they choose darker colours that make the items look like wood, othertimes traditional patterned papers and designs and then occasionally someone chooses the bright & the bold . 

I surmise that paper choices show a lot about a person's personality and moods. I know in the past I've tended to go for more subdued colours and patterns in my favourites of browns, greens and yellows but just now and again I have that urge to make something completely different.

Anna's traditionally designed patterned paper and design on top
I won't go through all the choices that were made but Sue decided on papering hers in a bright red with a Korean print on the paper and the drawers were in red with bright yellow inside the drawers.  She had an old Nepalese calendar that was made of natural, handmade paper so she cut out the designs and put them inside the drawers as a 'surprise' upon opening them.  It wasn't as easy as it sounds because when she started pasting them in, the water coloured paint that'd been used started to run.  This then meant that she needed to do it very carefully and slowly to prevent spoiling the picture.

Here's a set of  drawers  made in the traditional Korean way but decorated with  a mixture of two cultures, Korean and Nepalese and  I think it works really well.

This is one of my greatest joys in doing Hanji the fact that you can adapt, invent and create in so many ways.

I love them all from the traditional to the bold .......

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