Sunday, March 4, 2012

Magnolias update 2 ....

I've finally finished the cutout for the magnolias. This has been very time consuming but at the same time very rewarding to see the cutout take the shape of the beautiful magnolia  flowers.

The next stage was to cut out white hanji paper to place behind the flower shapes. As I have 3 cutouts there have been a large  no of  shapes to cut.

I've used a photocopy of my original colourings to cut the shapes then to attach them to 4 layers of paper and cut around them. Fortunately the pattern repeats itself so you can use the same template for a no. of flowers. Next I cut out the leaves in green and placed them behind the cutouts as well.

Here's  how it's progressing .........
Cutout from the black paper.
My original shadings for the cutouts.

Flowers and leaves  ready to be copied.
First placements. 


  1. This is beautiful. I'm a time traveller from your sis's place (Pam). Obviously, you both have wonderful talents to share. My sister used to do similar cut work. Hello from Idaho, USA, where the snow's still deep, and the spring hasn't sprung yet. I'm going to follow your blog, so keep sharing!

  2. Thanks Liz I appreciate your comments. Our family was truely blessed with a very creative and clever Mother as well as a father who was a very talented man and a perfectionist to boot. I'm living near Dubai so we don't see magnolias here but I love their flowers and wanted to express this love through the Hanji crafts that I do.


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