Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magnolias updates 5 ...

Cutouts for the front and back - closeup
Well I'm nearly there. Feeling happy about my designs and looking forward to putting it all together in the next few days.

The box is ready with a tray inside and it has 6 compartments. The cutouts are done for the front, back and sides and the rest of the box will be black.  I don't want to detract from the lid too much. I plan on doing the inside of the box in a hot pink with the compartments on the tray done in different shades of pink.

I'll show you the finished box in the next post. I hope you've enjoyed seeing this being created. It'd been quite a few weeks but I'm happy with the way it's going and the choices I've made.  The proof will be in the overall look.  
Sloping lid compartment box
Cutout for the sides - closeup

cutouts for front, back and sides

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