Magnolias Update 4 ....

Some of the papers I used

 I've coloured the three cutouts of magnolias differently.
 Firstly I've used coloured pencils to create shading on the white flowers and used a light colour as the background. I've used three shades of blue to fill in the banding in the centre.

Secondly, I used a pale pink for the background and coloured the inner strips in 3 shades of blue.

Thirdly, I left the magnolias as they were and I'm still deciding what colour to use as a background. I think it'll probably be taupe, which makes it look quite simple and yet classy. The banding is not coloured in on this one.

My next job has been to decide what I'll do with them so I'm making a large jewelry box with a sloping lid, the exact size of the cutout.

It'll have a tray inside and hinges on the back and a nice clasp on the front.

I'll choose which cutout I prefer and keep the other 2 for a future project.


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