Monday, January 20, 2014

Hanji cabinet ....... a surprise inside ?

Work with my students is well underway for the construction of their Korean Hanji cabinet but an interesting event happened last night when one of them turned up for class with her cabinet sealed and ready to cut out the door.

Here's a little bit of insight into a project like this: when constructing a piece of furniture out of cardboard its important to ensure that the design enables it to be sturdy enough to put things into, and place things on top of, the finished article. All surfaces needed to be cut out of a double thickness of cardboard, which were then glued together to give a total thickness of 6 mm.  This made working with it quite difficult at times as it was that much harder to cut out and it required  a lot more patience and muscle power to complete the job.  Once the job of cutting it out and putting it all together was done then the doors are to be cut out and later they will be refitted back into the cabinet.

This process has taken a couple of weeks of hard work and effort and one of my students came to class last night all very excited that it was coming together so nicely BUT she had sealed the top onto the cabinet and thought that she may have left some things inside. 

Take a look at this video to see her surprise after cutting out her door (which took about an hour of hard work)  ..... 

I'm not sure if she was more relieved that the cutting had finished or that she'd found what she was looking for. Classes can be fun and the cabinet is looking great ....

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