Happy Hanji New Year ....

Happy New Year everyone and may 2014 be a year of making more time for yourself and exploring your creativity !! 

I'm excited to be beginning a New Year that I know is going to be full of promise and  a year of challenges both on a personal and an artistic level. After over 13 years of studying and making Hanji craft pieces  in many different countries I'm looking forward to setting up my own Hanji art business operating here in the UAE, Australia, Korea and online.

 Along with all this I've given myself the challenge of writing a book in English on Hanji arts and crafts, teaching Hanji classes as well as  continuing to develop my own creative style of the art. 

Don't forget to keep checking out my  blog posts, along with browsing my website and Facebook page (please press 'like') to see what's happening in the world of Hanji in 2014. 

If you know of any Hanji events, workshops or artists of interest and would like to share them with others then please let me know so together we can be informed, keep others informed and thereby transform this craft into becoming a more globalised  craft.

Cheers, Jan


  1. Happy New Year to all the Hanji lovers in different parts of the world!!

    I wish you success and fulfillment in these new adventure, Jan! I cannot wait to hear all about it!


    1. Thanks Natalie and all the best to you too. Looking forward to hearing about and seeing more of your work this year.


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