Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stunning hanji.....

Hanji chest of 8 drawers

Detail of drawers

This is one of the stunning pieces of Hanji for sale at the Andong Hanji showroom. I couldn't buy everything I saw so I resorted to taking lots of photographs.

On entering the showroom I saw many pieces for sale and off to the side was a workroom run by Gui - Sook Yang. This piece caught my eye because of the subtle colourings and the use of white cutouts instead of the usual dark ones.
Gui-Sook Yang

Gui - Sook Yang was a lovely lady who has just returned from Queensland, Australia after being there to display her Hanji work. She spoke little to no English but through an interpreter she was happy to share her passion for her craft and even offered to give me lessons when I return to Korea   ..........  I will take her up on that next year when I plan to return with some of the ladies from my Hanji group.

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