Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hanji update .....

Just to update you all, I really haven't fallen off the edge of the planet !! I think this has been the longest break I've taken over the last 4 years, from writing my Hanji blog but, my Hanji interests are very much still alive and well.

Since my return to Adelaide I've realized that I needed to take a step back from Hanji for a few months to decide exactly what direction I'd like my business to take during 2015 and beyond. Sometimes it's good to take time to reflect on what is important to us and certainly having  time back here in Australia with my family and friends, is one of them and setting up my Hanji business is another. 

If it's of any help to those in similar situations, here are just a few of the lessons I've learnt over the last few months:

1) I've found that I can't just continue  where I left off in the UAE but instead, I need time to build local networks. (As I'm sure you're aware, doing Hanji outside of Korea means you're fairly well alone in your city as far as finding others who do Hanji or share your passion). This hasn't been a bad thing because it's allowed me  time to reflect on what I like doing as far as my style of Hanji and how I'd like to promote it to others in the future.
2) Introducing others to this wonderful craft is an ongoing challenge as the majority of people you meet and talk to have never heard of Hanji before therefore you're constantly explaining what you love doing. Despite that, people have been amazingly complimentary and fascinated by the craft and many have shown a desire to learn more about it.

3) Adjusting to using different varnishes and products can be challenging as things aren't automatically available so new things need to be trialled to find the most suitable for the conditions and the projects I wish to work on. A time consuming process but one that will be well worthwhile in the future.

I have plans for some exciting new directions next year and I'm looking forward to January when I can get started on them. I'm confident that the year will see huge strides forward in all things Hanji and I'm looking forward to meeting and making new friends through sharing my passion.

As Christmas is almost upon us I'd like to wish you and your families a blessed Christmas Season before you embark on a fabulous New Year of creativity and success.

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