Friday, January 8, 2016

Hanji & string ........

I've recently acquired some different thicknesses of Hanji (paper), cotton and banana, string.  These I'll use on different projects over the next few months as I experiment with some new designs and more contemporary Hanji pieces.

I bought the large reels of Hanji string in Seoul during my visit last year and used it to add to this Hanji lamp I made during one of my classes at Jonginamoo and I love it but, I can see so many more possibilities.

The cotton string on my shelf I've been using to tiepieces of wire together for forming a shape and before covering it with Hanji.

This gorgeous banana string I found in a shop in Melbourne and just had to have it.  The fibres are extremely soft, I'm not sure what process it has gone through but, I'm sure it can be used on a new
project !!

It's been a while but I just have to share this ...... Bali paper making

Whilst on a holiday in Bali last week I began to wonder if anyone there did paper making.   After a lot of research I came u...