Friday, October 7, 2016

Korea is calling once again .......

Korea is calling once again. 

In just under a week I'll be heading off to Korea at the invitation of a TV production team to film a one hour documentary on Hanji.  It'll be part of a series of documentaries they'll be producing featuring artists who've been influenced artistically in some way  by Korea and it's culture.

I'm truly honoured by this invitation and only hope that I can do it, and Hanji,  justice.

As my mind drifts back to the wonderful things I've already been privileged to see and experience in Korea  I thought that I'd share with you just 10, of the many thousands of photos  I've taken over the years, that give a tiny glimpse of the people, place and spirit of  the country.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Opening of King Sejong Language Institute in Adelaide ....

Food, wine, discussions on Korean culture and ceremony was the order of the night last evening when the University of South Australia held the official opening ceremony of the 'King Sejong Korean Language Institute' in Adelaide.

There were a wide range of dignitaries  in attendance, many of whom had  flown in from around the country. They included Politicians and Korean Diplomats from Canberra,  Korean Consulate staff from Melbourne and members of the Korean Cultural Centre from Sydney.  There were also University of South Australia  Professors and  Board members of the Australia - Korea Foundation from various States in Australia.

The Korean Ambassador to Australia Mr Woo Kyoung-Ha
Mr Nigel Roth, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Uni SA and unknown guest
I had been invited to  display my Hanji  and it quickly received  keen interest from those in attendance including the Koreans who had little idea there was someone in Australia who was doing one of their traditional Korean crafts.  I was able to talk with some acquaintances I had made from the Korean Cultural Centre in Sydney and the Korean Consulate in Melbourne as well as many of the dignitaries who were very kind with their comments.  The Korean ambassador to Australia, Mr Woo Kyoung-ha and his wife, showed great interest in the Hanji pieces on display and I was thrilled to receive an open invitation to the Korean ambassadors residence whenever I'm  in Canberra.



I created this piece for the opening of the Language Institute.

'Earth, Fields and Sky'  

Patchwork the fabric of Korean life representing their close connection to nature, learning and culture.

The tiger in Korean culture is regarded as a guardian that drives away evil spirits and brings good luck. The crane represents longevity and harmony whilst the butterflies symbolizes joy.

Wishing the Adelaide King Sejong  Language Institute and its students good luck in their studies, longevity in their pursuit of knowledge and joy at learning a new language.

 Another wonderful evening with some lovely Korean people.

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