Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The 'Twists and turns' of creating .....

As much as we like to think we know what the future is going to hold for us and the creative directions we wish to take, it doesn't always turn out the way we'd like it too. Part of being creative is being open to taking new directions and being inspired by some unexpected things.  

Having moved into our little 1860s cottage 8 months ago now we've been  busy doing renovations to it and it has, for the majority of the time, been all absorbing and putting my Hanji work on hold.  The renovations are coming on nicely with many rooms now having been painted, woodwork restored, fireplaces repaired and a new kitchen installed. I have a lovely "Barn' where I can keep my Hanji  pieces, desk and a small work space but it's considerably smaller  than I've had in the past and  not big enough for having classes.  

My plan is for a much bigger Hanji studio to be built in a double garage at the end of our yard  latter this year and this will then accommodate a larger work space for myself and space for classes, storage of items and inspirational pieces.

I do miss my Hanji creating, teaching and students but for now I have to accept that they need to wait.
My first lead lighting piece
In the meantime I've taken up lead lighting as it takes up less space and I'm putting those skills to good use in the cottage. For my first piece I've been making a small window to be installed in my kitchen above the sink.  It's been an interesting process for me to go back to learning a new creative skill and realizing the frustrations involved in being a student once again as I've tried to get things to go perfectly. The lesson I've been reminded of is that when we strive for perfection,this only comes with experience. I'm not all that pleased with it when I look closely at my glass panel but when I stand back it's not too bad, and I have to remind myself that it's my first piece of lead lighting and we're always our harshest critics.

I'm looking forward to honing my skills as I do have plans for more windows to be made in the future.  I've really enjoyed this new medium of creativity where I've  been able to design, cut, and joined together glass instead of cardboard and paper and  realizing that the glass panel has a practically that many other art forms don't always achieve.

Not quite finished but testing it in the window.

Lead lighting is already making me look at ways in which  I'll be able to use this new found skill in my Hanji work in the future. It's teaching me to become a new student  going through the processes of basic learning, experiencing the frustrations of not achieving immediately whilst learning new skills and  in the long run, it should make me a better teacher.

The 'twists and turns' are taking bits of one art form and incorporating them into another art form until we end up with something that's unique to yourself and your experiences.

Isn't this what creativity is all about?

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